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Tax Appointment Checklist
If this is your first visit to AY Tax, please bring the following items to your appointment:
Social Security Cards
Last Year's Tax Return
Voided Check for Direct Deposit
W-2 Form(s) from all employers and last pay stubs.
1099's for Interests, Dividends, Rents,
Retirement plan & pension plans distributions, social security, non-employee compensation, life insurance, annuities.
All investment account statements, CD's Annuities.
IRA's, Pension Plans, 401k plans, life insurance.
Unemployment, state tax refunds, gambling winnings and losses, college savings plan distributions.
K-1 form estates, partnerships, trust, LLC's and S-Corps.
Escrow statement from sale, purchase, refinance of property and property exchanges.
Debt forgiveness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, $ short sales. You may qualify to exclude these items as income. Please bring a list of your assets and liabilities. This is very crucial in determining if you have a taxable event.
1099 B from the sale of stocks, bonds or other investments. Please provide purchase date and cost basis.
Rental & Business income and expenses.
1098 form(s) for mortgage interest paid and student loan interest paid.
IRA and retirement plan contributions and College savings plan contributions.
Alimony paid, SSN of the recipient, divorce decree.
All Medical expense. Provide details of categories.
Property taxes on houses, boats, RV's, Trailers and vehicles.
All charitable contributions. Must provide proper documentation (checks, letters, and mileage log book).
Child care provider's name, address, phone number, the amount paid and tax ID.
Education expenses, unreimbursed business expenses, job seeking expenses.
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